Cannabis Packaging Machinery by Ohlson Packaging: Flower, CBD, Hemp, edibles, Isolates, coffee and more. Semi and full automation, saving you time and labor costs. See our equipment on the news in Canada below!

We are located in Taunton, MA. USA. and for over 50 years have been manufacturing automated weighing and packaging machinery. We have a one of kind cannabis weighing machine, if you are looking for automation for your facility now or in the future, please let me know if you would like to visit us!

Ohlson Packaging, located in Massachusetts, is the only manufacturing company to guarantee 1/100th of a gram accuracy or better, no underweights, or your money back at installation! Our systems are all over the United States and in Canada, providing high accuracy and high speeds. We also invite you to our facility in Massachusetts, to see this equipment.

We offer a rent to own option for our cannabis customers only!

Find out more about our turnkey solutions at http://www.ohlsonpack.com/