Canndoc is an Israeli licensed producer under the IMC-GAP/GMP standard, that has been active in the global medical cannabis arena for more than a decade, growing thousands of kilograms, and providing it to thousands of patients on a monthly basis as well as to leading academic institutes and R&D centers for clinical trials.

Our Background:

  • Pharmaceutical grade cannabis products
  • 10+ years of experience
  • 44 unique cannabinoid profiles
  • Thousands of monthly patients
  • Involved in 6 clinical trials
  • 200 ton growing potential

Our Products:

  • Ground flowering tops
  • Extraction & oils
  • Cannabis pre-rolls
  • Cannabis flowers

Although Israel is yet to allow the export of medicalcannabis-based products, Canndoc is ready and holds an inventory of export-ready products (under the strict IMC-GAP/GMP standards) for the moment when it will be allowed.

As such, Canndoc is now undertaking orders to future supply a variety of medical grade products to companies around the world.

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For more info email us at or call us at +972-52-8880011