About Medical Marihuana Patient Relief

  • The team has been working in this space for over ten years, a long time in cannabis experience.
  • Initial foray was through the production of a contained grow production that increases the crop yield and moves from four cycles a year to six cycles a year.
  • Through micronutrient analyzing, the company is able to fine tune production, and deliver a high quality product to the end consumer.
  • Focusing on eight strains for pain, arthritis and cancer, where there is a huge lack of supply and an increasing demand, and based in Tecumseh, Ontario, with it’s opening up of direct to consumer markets enables MMPR to meet a significant need.
  • Led by serial entrepreneurs, and in the final stage of ACMPR Licencing,Medical Marihuana Patient Relief produces high quality, high volume, cannabis for sophisticated consumers seeking relief for pain, arthritis and the symptoms of cancer and other medical conditions.
  • Using patented technology, in ultra-controlled sealed units, they are able to grow six crops of cannabis a year, instead of the typical four. With the environmental controls and micronutrient analyzing, the company is able to fine tune production and deliver more buds and a high-quality product for the end consumer.
  • https://mmpatientrelief.com/about/
  • https://www.frontfundr.com/Company/mmpr
  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo96xOhy10SgyIiVfdpmmfA